Welcome to the FAQ! we hope you can find what you're looking for here.

  • How much does shipping cost to __?

The 2inchgiraffe storefront will calculate your shipping costs automatically. If you are wondering about an upcoming item, please refer to the USPS postage rates webpage. We ship using domestic & International First-Class and Priority Mail services. If you require a different shipping method, please contact us directly.

  • What is a preorder?

Preorder refers to an open order period before the item is in stock. This is usually to crowdfund large products like plush; the preorders pay directly for the production. For smaller items such as charms and standees, it is to determine the amount of product that should be ordered. Please note when purchasing preorders that there is a much longer wait time!

  • What happens to my in-stock items if I purchase a preorder item with them?

If a preorder item is included in an order, the full order will ship when the preorder item becomes available.

  • I see lots of people getting their orders but mine hasn't shown up yet!

When your order ships, you will receive an email with the tracking information. Please make sure to use the correct email at checkout! Due to the ongoing global pandemic, please allow extra time for delivery as well.

  • I seem to have gotten the wrong item in my order!

Oh no! These things do happen, as 2inchgiraffe is a very small operation and frequently has only one or two people packaging orders at a time. Please contact me directly and I'll do my best to sort out any issues to the best of my abilities!

  • Will you be doing another run of ___ plush?

Because of the nature of toy production, all plush should be assumed single run only. Each run will also include a small amount of EXTRAS, which include both A and B grade dolls. These will be available after plush preorders have all been sent out and delivered to their homes. Extras will be given a weeks notice on Twitter & Instagram before becoming available. All emails inquiring about restocks and release dates will be ignored. Offers to fund plush runs will be ignored.

  • Why hasn't my order shipped yet?

Please make sure to check the status of your items before ordering! Preorder items will require additional time before they are ready to ship. In-stock orders should ship twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays. Due to COVID-19, I am limiting post office visits & large shipment pickups to 1-2 times a week only. If you need an item by a specific date, please let me know in your order comments. However, please understand that due to manufacturing and shipping delays, meeting strict delivery requirements may not always be possible.

  • Do you ship to ___?

2inchgiraffe ships to most locations. Currently, we are unable to ship to the UK, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. This is unlikely to change within the near future, and any updates will be announced on the front page. Overseas customers are also responsible for paying their own VAT upon receiving their package. We do not collect import fees. We also ask that international customers be aware of their own countries delays and limitations before placing orders.

  • My order was stolen / misdelivered / etc!

Unfortunately, as a small business we cannot afford to replace or refund orders whos tracking is displaying as delivered. If the parcel is truly lost (tracking stops completely for an inordinate amount of time) please contact us for a refund. Please keep in mind that once a package is handed over to the mail service, there's nothing that can be done on our end.

  • My order was returned to you! What should I do?

If your order gets returned to sender, we will reach out to you! A second shipping fee must be paid for a re-shipment. Please make sure you are putting in your address and name correctly when checking out!

  • Can I return / replace an item?

Items may be returned or replaced in the case of damage. If you believe you received a plush of the wrong grade, please contact us with pictures. However, please keep in mind that the grading is up to our discretion and a return may not be permitted. 

  • I accidentally put in the wrong address on my order / I'm moving / etc

Please email us asap, and we'll have it changed out for you manually. If you're moving and would like us to hold the order until you've got your new address, just let us know and we'll put a hold on it!

  • Do you take PayPal?

No. There are no plans to implement PayPal in the future.

If your question wasn't answered here, please contact us directly at 2inchgiraffe@gmail.com. Please include your order number. If you do not have your order number, please include identifying info (name, zip code) that can be used to find it.